At badassrising, we believe that the journey of transformation is deeply personal, yet universally relatable. Hear it from those who've walked this path with Eric and have experienced profound change.

When I first started looking into this, I had a belief it might not work. Surprisingly, it worked for me! I was able to let go of a lot of useless guilt and self-blame. Eric explains everything and sets expectations very well.

Yvette J.

Journeys of Transformation with Eric

With so many different ways today to find info online, it can sometimes be hard to know where to go to first. I want to look at the major & most effective solution.


From the paralyzing grip of panic attacks to the quiet unease of daily life, Eric's methodologies have given many the tools to face anxiety head-on, ushering in calm and peace.


Whether it's navigating the complexities of workplace dynamics, deciding on a career change, or leveling up in their current roles, clients have achieved clarity and momentum in their professional lives under Eric’s coaching.


Eric has ignited the flame of self-belief in many, helping them stand tall, speak their truth, and approach life with unshakeable confidence.


Recognizing, understanding, and managing emotions is a journey Eric has guided many through, enabling them to lead a balanced life, driven by emotional intelligence.


Every belief, positive or negative, shapes our reality. Eric’s sessions have been instrumental in reshaping limiting beliefs, paving the way for growth and boundless possibilities.

Root Cause

The symptoms are often just the tip of the iceberg. Eric dives deep, helping individuals pinpoint and address the root causes of their challenges, ensuring lasting transformation.

Check out what clients say


In the past, I had used this successfully to eliminate performance anxiety. The biggest thing I got from sessions with Eric is confidence and the ability to speak my truth without the fear of what other people will think. Eric's process is clearly defined and results oriented.... Read more

Becca Lincoln

Originally, I had those old thoughts about this being something where the therapist controls your mind. Instead, I found myself with more positive energy, more feelings of self-love, self compassion, and tranquility. I really liked how Eric helped me bust cravings and... Read more

Avril-Keyehra McCrae

I didn't know much about this and was not sure if it would work for me. However, I've struggled with anxiety for over 25 years and I was willing to try anything if it helped. My anxiety was mostly with flying and traveling and for a few years I didn't fly at all. I tried... Read more

Michele Stefan


What brought me to this was the book, "The Body Keeps Score." It seems to me, many people are unaware how it can help people release trauma and even PTSD. I find I'm no longer a slave to my emotions or my old beliefs about self. Now, I'm more optimistic, more open to... Read more

MV Ratingemail

It took me years to finally seek therapy after knowing that I had an irrational perspective about myself which was leading me to unhealthy tendencies in my life. The problem was I could not identify the underlying issue. I would tend to shove it under some rug and pretend it... Read more

Monish S.

Eric is outstanding, and here is the story of me finding Eric and making changes in my life. I was recommended by a Stanford physician to read a book called "The Cure" by Jo Marchant. In it, it describes which non-medical therapies are most effective. This appealed to me... Read more

Debbie Newhouse


Coming in, I had the impression that there is a lot of misinformation about this and many practitioners claiming unrealistic goals. Having done sessions with Eric, there is this new and strong sense of self confidence that has perpetuated itself throughout my life and has... Read more

Guillermo Bautista

I didn't know any therapists until I met Eric at an event. From our sessions, I got more clarity. Old triggers aren't as potent any more and I can work through them faster. I have stronger self esteem and stronger self confidence. In our sessions, I could feel energy clearing... Read more

Kelly Amstadt

I was a perfectionist and I got stuck on the things that I could not control. Started to feel negative feelings about that. Because of the perfectionist and the negative feelings, I felt issues inside myself at the workplace. I feel like I completely removed my perfectionist... Read more

Maiko Y

Emotional Baggage

After participating in regular therapy, or "talk-therapy", my fiance and I decided that it was time for us both to try this, individually, so we can squarely face what is holding us back and move forward. We met with Eric to discuss what we hoped to achieve and we were excited... Read more

Haley Brittingham

I will be forever grateful for the good fortune of experiencing sessions with Eric Rosen. Four sessions with Eric accomplished more for my mental, physical, and spiritual health than lengthy traditional therapies. His Mental and Emotional Release®, NLP, and Huna energy... Read more

Kathleen Rubino

At first, I had some concerns that this might not work as well as a more traditional method. I found it easier than I thought and very practical in my day to day life. And it was very effective. Eric is welcoming and non-judgmental, open, and friendly. We cleared a lot of... Read more

Daniel V.

Limiting Beliefs

Originally, this was unknown to me and so my gut wasn't saying "go ahead and do it." What I found and it was huge for me is to "get rid of my baggage and old beliefs" that prevented me from being myself and being happy. It feels great to be rid of anger and the lack of... Read more

Alice Antonio

I went into this with an open mind and wasn’t sure what to expect. Eric created a very comfortable environment and walked me through everything with very clear explanations. It was a pretty revelational experience and helped me to see things in my past that might be hanging... Read more

Mary Chambers

I loved this back from childhood and have always been curious about things like past lives. I've always had a sense of what is the best thing for me to do and yet I saw this big rock in front of me as an obstacle. I knew it had to do with my unconscious mind and I could not... Read more

Allie Esfahani

Root Cause

When I first started looking into this, I had a belief it might not work. Surprisingly, it worked for me! I was able to let go of a lot of useless guilt and self-blame. Eric explains everything and sets expectations very well. From there it all falls into place as it is meant... Read more

Alice Antonio

This is not a common practice and so I wasn't sure if it was going to work for me. I was feeling negative and anxious about life. Definitely, I am feeling a strong release of negative energies. They are gone now. I'm now able to visualize my future more optimistically. I liked... Read more

Mary Chambers

Very helpful. I like the idea of working with the subconscious mind and the energies involved with it. I believe this works with me better, as opposed to talk therapy. This seemed to be a much faster way in getting to the root of my issues and to properly deal with them. Eric... Read more

Allie Esfahani

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